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Les Argales is a blend of Chardonnay from Jacob's "Là-bas" vineyard and Savagnin from "Aux Perrières" in L'Etoile. Yields in 2018 were unusually high, but fermentation was difficult, so the two varieties were blended together. Fermentation eventually finished after adding the actively fermenting lees from the 2019 Savagnin, and Nicolas is pleased with the result (though not planning to repeat the process). "Argale" is a local term for a ne'er-do-well, someone who is good for nothing and constantly strays from the right path. It's usually used endearingly, and has a comical implication. Nicolas thought the word aptly describes this wine, and it's also a term that his friend's father used to describe his band of buddies growing up. The vines were planted in 1983. Hand harvested and settled for 12 hours. Spontaneous fermentation in 228 L barrels. No intervention until bottling. Aged for 12 months in used barrels.. 

GRAPE: 80% Chardonnay, 20% Savagnin 
REGION: Jura, France 
ABV: 12.5%
IMPORTER: Coeur Wine Co.