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This whisky is made from 100% unpeated barley malt (aged at least 4 1/2 years in red wine barriques as well as acacia barriques, then finished for a year in sherry casks), but on the nose you’ll immediately find it to be quite smoky — and surprisingly complex, with notes of old wine, molasses, and black tea. A light maple character — just hinting at sweetness — emerges with time exposed to the air. The palate is very dry, the black tea note again popping immediately, along with notes of black olive and more of that smoke, coming across here like a lingering brush fire. The finish is lengthy and, again, quite dry and drying, that smoke refusing to yield but nonetheless making for an oddly compelling experience.

BASE: 100% Barley Malt 
REGION: Eifel, Germany
ABV: 46%
IMPORTER: David Bowler Wine