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Vine Wine was opened by Talitha Whidbee in 2005 focusing on small production and well
made wine. We don't believe that any one style of wine is "better" than another as long as
the preservation and respect for the Earth and winemaking is the primary focus. You will
find wines that fit all wine making categories including - Natural, Biodynamic, Organic,
Regenerative and even Cosmologically based throughout the store.

Yes, you can either join our wine club for a monthly drop of the best current wine, or you
can send us an email at and we will do the hard work of choosing for

We can certainly try, if you send us an email at hello@vine-wine.comwe will do our best
and let you know if it is available and can sort out a special order for you if possible.

Yes! After 12 bottles of wine are added to your cart an automatic 15% will be added, this
applies to almost all wine sparkling or still only and does not apply to liquor purchases.
(occasionally we are unable to discount very limited wines)

First of all hooray! Secondly we are happy to assist in a variety of wine purchases for any
size, from your upstate farm wedding for 300 to your 6 course 12 person dinner party, we
can assist in selecting and pairing wines and finding those special hard to find wines, send
us an email at

Any additional questions we would be happy to answer via email, drop us a line.