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November 17: Oregon's Best

November 17: Oregon's Best


Join us on Wednesday to taste a smattering of Oregon's best, with Anna Fodero from MFW. 

Chateau Deluxe Ramato Lite: The sense of humor that the winemakers at Chateau Deluxe possess are bar none, after all they started without a real winery and so-called themselves Chateau Deluxe.  This is their take on Friulian whites - a blend of local Oregon grapes it has a golden honey hue, tons of aromatics and is a huge peach bomb of texture and white stone fruit. (buy now)

Division Method Carbonique Pinot Noir: Make Pinot Noir, but make it lighter and brighter while still preserving all of the gorgeous Oregon nuances.  Red fruit, pomegranate, and raspberries join forces with a hint of mushroom and some soft earth. Perfect with a chill or straight from the bottle with your favorite red sauce. (buy now)

Bow & Arrow Gamay: A true Gamay from a true wine maestro who composes songs in bottle form. This is bright red cherry fruit with a soft and juicy mouthfeel and beautiful lip-smacking finish.  Bow & Arrow is a long-time Vine Wine favorite winemaker and we are always happy to have these wines back in stock. (buy now)


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