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March Tastings

March Tastings

We are focusing on spirits in March and will hold all of our tastings on Friday nights from 6-8pm, with a special Saturday tasting just for fun.

  • Friday March 18th 6-8pm:
Rhum from Rhum J.M, a natural-leaning Martinique Rhum distiller and new amaro from Eda Ryhne as well as a delicious canned amaro cocktail. 
  • Friday March 25th 6-8pm:
All organic whiskey! Bourbon and Rye from Wigle an organic distiller in Pittsburgh, and the incredibly special High Wire Distilling 'Jimmy red' Bourbon.
  • Saturday March 26th 4-6pm:
Amass Vodka and Gin! Come taste Los Angeles in its spirit form.
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